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"We recently purchased 4 Shifta conveyors in the 450mm wide model. For their first job the conveyors worked daily for five months to complete a large basement excavation, we then moved them onto a smaller basement job which is now complete. The Shiftas are still working like new and I expect them to carry on doing so. We have the 4.4 m long version which is the largest in the range and they are still man portable which means they can be moved around a site to be closer to where the digger is working. The Mace team were impressive right from the original contact"  Steve Ruston Builders


We have recently purchased a Shifta Conveyor and the difference it has made to our operation is unbelievable.
It has cut our manual labour in half and has reduced the time spent on the task massively.
The team are all commenting on how superb the conveyor is and how easy it is now making their jobs, so it’s a fantastic addition to our workplace.
The excellent customer service from Mace made it all a smooth and professional experience, from the first visit to Mace to check out which piece of kit would be suitable for us and our operation to the day it got delivered and our contact at Mace came to our site to train our team and ensure that all was as we expected.
We cannot praise the Mace team enough and will be recommending them to all we speak to; we are even considering purchasing another conveyor to run on a different part of the operation as we simply cannot believe the difference it has made.

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