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As the name implies the Econoveyor is an efficient conveyor unit that economises in terms of time taken to complete a task and cost. By ensuring the fast movement of items between workers, whether throughout the entire working day or just for a part of it, time is saved when compared with the alternative lifting and carrying. By reducing the need to lift and carry objects, its use decreases the risk of injury, thereby increasing safety in the workplace.

In terms of efficiency, storage and portability, the Econoveyor is ideal for use in many different working environments. It has height adjustable legs (hole and pin system) and lockable castors, making it extremely easy to move to where it is needed. Like all of Mace Industries’ products, it provides a surprisingly simple and straightforward solution to lightening the workload and saving time.

The Econoveyor is powered by a three-phase 110v electric motor with control being provided by a speed button (fast and slow), and two buttons for direction of belt travel plus a start and stop button.

The Econoveyor is suitable for use in the factory workplace where items are transported from one part of a production line to another, or for use in a packing environment, such as one dealing with smaller items that need to be quickly and easily conveyed from one part of the floor to another.

Mace Industries’ strongly recommends this product for workplaces where conveying items forms an important part of the working day, as it cuts out a large part of the manual demands on the workers. It meets Mace Industries’ principles of meeting the specific customer need by providing a flexible and simple solution.

It is its light weight and portability that makes this product so attractive to many purchasers; plus the adjustability, both in terms of height and speed; its safety of operation; and the increase in workplace efficiency it provides.

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