Mace Industries continues to expand overseas, our Sales Director Luke Mace has just returned to us from Israel where he spent three days seeing some of our machines in action.

His first day of the trip was spent touring the city of Jerusalem, before heading to an archaeological digging site underneath the very centre of the city, new home to four of our Shifta Conveyors.

Any building work in or around Jerusalem can only be done once archaeological work has been carried out on the site before hand, which is where our Shifta’s are being put to good use.

Luke was delighted to be able to see the positive impact our machines are having on works overseas.

We currently have our Shifta Conveyors at various archaeological digging sites around Israel, including the well known City of David.

Due to their robust nature and reliability, they are perfect for any building site – wherever it may be.

Why not come and see our machines for yourself.

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