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The story of how Mace Industries came to be formed and to flourish is an example of how a straightforward vision, combined with the right skill and expertise, can lead to remarkable success.

Story Of Mace Industries

Brothers, Tony and Richard Mace recognised the need for a faster, simpler and less labour intensive way to get tiles to scaffolding at roof level – avoiding potentially dangerous ladder work. They worked to devise their own solution and made plans to build a machine that would fulfil this need.

Within months, and with significant support from their father Colin Mace, the first machine had been built and was subsequently trialled over the following year. From the humble beginnings of a prototype in a potting shed, the value of the machine to the building trade was quickly recognised. All who saw it – including seasoned roofing industry professionals – were impressed by the innovative concept. Interest in its design and application spread quickly as a result. Before the year of trialling was complete, the design had been modified and improved and the first ten machines were built.

The final step in this stage of the Mace Industries journey was to name the machine. Among the roofing community, the slang term for the loading of a roof was “bumping out”, so the machine became known as “Bumpa”. Today, the latest generation of “Bumpa” is the most popular portable loading machine on the market.

Since those early days, the company has gone from strength to strength, expanding its scope and product range and growing in both size and reputation as a result.

From 24000² -foot premises in Corby, Northants, Mace Industries now produces a range of high-quality machinery with the aim of providing innovative solutions in design and manufacturing. Through a continued commitment to quality and customer service, the company has earned a reputation as a leading manufacturer of portable conveyors for every aspect of material movement throughout the building and warehouse industries.

Mace Industries Today

At Mace Industries we take great pride in providing a service to our customers and clients that we truly believe is second to none. To that end, we only employ the most skilled and committed craftsmen to ensure all work undertaken is carried out to the highest possible specification, and always meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Our vision for the future is in many ways as simple as our history; that is to continue providing an excellent service to the construction, warehouse and distribution, and farming industries. We intend to achieve that by designing and manufacturing machinery to get the job done as safely, quickly and efficiently as possible.

We aim to continue to be a supplier of choice and to build on our ongoing success.

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