Material Hoists

Used to transport goods from ground levels to heights with GEDA's unique rack and pinion design.

Choose Your Model

Ladder Hoist

A GEDA comfort 250 Ladder Lift is ideal for those roofs that a Bumpa can't reach or where space is at a premium.


The Solarlift is a specially adapted carrier for solar panels, ideal for helping you transport to even the most difficult places.

GEDA Maxi 120S

The Geda Maxi 120 S is a scaffold winch capable of lifting up to 120kg to transport goods and material to height with ease and at a low cost.

Battery Ladder Lift

With just one touch of a button, all kinds of materials are easily transported along the fa├žade, without that tiresome cable spaghettI.


A relatively new member of the GEDA family; the small, lightweight and handy GEDA 200Z is an ideal hoist for scaffolders and construction workers.


The GEDA 300z with its lightweight 2m aluminium mast segments has been used on building sites for various kinds of transport for many years.


These rack and pinion hoists with steel segment masts have earned their good reputation over the years being a reliable partner for construction workers.