This versatile conveyor is designed to provide a conveying solution between ground level and a mezzanine or second storey. The UL-500 reduces the risk of injury caused by manual handling at the same time as making your workforce more efficient.

Product Information

Providing the perfect, cost-effective solution for conveying goods between floors, the UL-500 is a perfect fit for ware warehousing and mezzanine flooring.

The UL-500 reduces the risk of injury caused by manual handling, all while increasing efficiency. Its sturdy frame can take a payload of 100kg without a problem, at a recommended safe working angle of up to 35 degrees for tyres and 25 degrees for boxes.
Made to suit 4-10m applications with an optional 1-2m swan neck, the UL-500 can move product up or down with the aid of the control systems on either end. The 500mm wide grippy rubber belt with flights handles most applications, however, bespoke belts and flights are available upon request.

Our dedicated design team will draw up your specific application and we will advise what size would best suit you. The UL-500 is easily integrated into existing systems or forms part of a new system and can be combined with roller tables to move your product further.

Technical Specifications

4-10m100kg 25° 35° 500mm

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