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The Verti-go goods lift is a cage with a fitted shelf that moves vertically between the floors of a building under construction. An efficient conveyor that can shift large objects up and down between floors, it is ideal...


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Part No. Diagram No. Name Description Price Qty Total Buy
VG1 1 Top chain tension bracket £78.00 Item Added
VG2 2 Top sprocket shaft £42.00 Item Added
VG3 3 Sprocket spacer £16.00 Item Added
VG4 4 Sprocket bearing £12.00 Item Added
VG5 5 Top sprocket £36.00 Item Added
VG6 6 Guide rail L/H Per Metre £36.00 Item Added
VG7 7 Guide rail R/H Per Metre £36.00 Item Added
VG8 8 Top hat £61.12 Item Added
VG9 9 Control box £43.12 Item Added
VG10 10 FWD/ REV button £14.02 Item Added
VG11 11 Emergency stop button £13.36 Item Added
VG12 12 Stop gate key £8.04 Item Added
VG13 13 Stop gate spring £3.27 Item Added
MS1 14 Microswitch £5.04 Item Added
VG15 15 Stop gate Cage - Top - Top £27.12 Item Added
VG16 16 Stop gate Cage - Top - Bottom £27.12 Item Added
VG17 17 Machine tray £36.00 Item Added
VG18 18 Stop gate Cage - Bottom £42.56 Item Added
VG19 19 Carrier return guard £41.26 Item Added
VG20 20 Base frame £136.45 Item Added
VG21 21 Stop gate bottom £34.55 Item Added
VG22 22 Motor bracket £92.00 Item Added
VG23 23 Sprocket drive shaft £51.12 Item Added
VG24 24 Motor mounting bracket £12.40 Item Added
VG25 25 0.75kw electric motor £207.00 Item Added
VG26 26 Bearing £8.00 Item Added
VG27 27 Bearing housing £12.70 Item Added
VG28 28 Electric box Complete £602.45 Item Added
VG29 29 Power light £13.50 Item Added
VG30 30 Electric box spacer £1.00 Item Added
VG31 31 Inverter £425.00 Item Added
VG32 32 12v board £125.00 Item Added
RSJS1 33 Jack socket £6.02 Item Added
RSJP1 34 Jack plug £5.24 Item Added
VG33 35 4 pin socket £8.04 Item Added
VG34 36 Chain Per Metre £22.60 Item Added
VG35 37 Roller kick off rear plate £38.50 Item Added
VG36 38 Roller drive belt £6.40 Item Added
VG37 39 Roller drive MASTER £127.00 Item Added
VG38 40 Roller drive SLAVE £32.00 Item Added
VG39 41 Carrier bearing £6.00 Item Added
VG40 42 Carrier wear pad £2.20 Item Added
VG41 43 Carrier £81.27 Item Added
VG42 44 Rear carrier guard Per Metre £31.00 Item Added
VG43 45 Roller kick off mountin bracket £72.12 Item Added