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The story of how Mace Industries came to be formed and to flourish is an example of how a straightforward vision, combined with the right skill and expertise, can lead to remarkable success. Brothers, Tony and Richard Mace recognised the need for a faster, simpler and less labour intensive way to get tiles to scaffolding at roof level – avoiding potentially dangerous ladder work. They worked to devise their own solution and made plans to build a machine that would fulfil this need.

Worldwide Distribution

Our global distribution chain continues to grow

Conveyor Production

Mace Industries produces labour saving technology

Nationwide Servicing

We meet all our clients needs up and down the UK

Produced in the UK

Designed and manufactured for the world

A nationwide Servicing Team

Our servicing and repair team come to where you are in the UK.

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Product training

Get you and the team clued up on Hire staples both Mace and GEDA alike

Laser & Fabrication

Design, Laser, Precision Bending, Welding and Fabrication. Bring your ideas to life.

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Join our growing network today and be part of the Mace community.

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