Design & Development

The driving force of Mace Industries is innovation, creativity and excellence of design. This is coupled with high standard production methods backed by rigid quality control.

How It Works

Our goal is to design and manufacture safe and efficient machines that provide a practical solution to meet the needs of customers. Over the years our products have improved working practice in the construction industry and are now an essential part of many a contractor’s toolkit.

The first machine to be designed and built by the company, the ‘Bumpa’ conveyor, proved extremely popular and led to the design and realisation of machines for use in other business sectors. We are now proud to supply machines to the warehouse and distribution industry as well as construction. The world of agriculture was not forgotten and the successful Eliveyor is now in use for the conveying of grains and pulses into storage or a vehicle, without damaging the delicate material.

It is true to say that Mace has never lost sight of its roots and the spirit of innovation is definitely alive and well in the company. Design and development continues to be a vital part of what Mace Industries does on a day-to-day basis.

Our Versatility

There is rarely a one-size-fits-all answer to any work process problem. Even though clients often come up against the same basic problems there will invariably be small differences in need. Variations in the working environment, the nature of the workforce or the specific requirements of a task are all potential design challenges for Mace.

In any case, blindly applying the same solution is often a mistake and Mace Industries prides itself on ensuring that its customers and clients get the right product, even if that means designing and manufacturing a bespoke piece of machinery specially tailored to meet a unique challenge. In fact, Mace Industries actively seeks these opportunities and is always willing to address new problems and to design a machine with a view to further expanding its already impressive range of high quality and innovative products.

Playing a key role in delivering continuous improvement, not only within the company but also across the industries it supports as a whole, is a critical part of Mace Industries’ vision. This passion for design and development, combined with a commitment to high quality and an unwavering focus on satisfying the requirements of the client, are integral to everything Mace Industries does. This is why the company has become recognised as a leading creator of innovative solutions in design and manufacturing in our business sector.

We Can Help

If you are working in the construction, agricultural or warehouse and distribution industries and are facing an unusual logistical challenge in relation to the conveying of material you should contact Mace Industries. If an immediate solution is unavailable within the existing range of products, the skilled and committed designers and craftsmen at Mace Industries will happily work with you to create a new or modified product to fulfil your particular need.

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