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If you visited our stand at the Executive Hire Show 2020, you’ll be well aware of our new Screena, if you didn’t, here’s what you missed…


Since the original Supa Screen was pulled from the market, the demand for it has always been strong, so, we have been working hard on bringing a new and improved portable screen back to the market, the Screena.

The Screena is designed to be used on site as a recycling unit, dividing your material from any undesirables, or splitting materials for both to be used again later, eg; top soil, crumb, type 1, sand…

Weighing in at 198kg, the Screena sounds heavy, but due to its weight distribution and ergonomic construction, weight while manoeuvring is only around 18kg. This along with Pneumatic tyres make moving the Screena around site a breeze.

The Screena is powered via a 110v – 3kva power supply, but now features a dual auxiliary should you use it with a Shifta also. In this instance, a 110v – 5kva power supply is necessary to power both machines.

The Screena comes with 3 screens as standard, 12mm, 25mm and 40mm, with bespoke options available on request. These are attached to the Screena via 2 clamps, 1 of which is adjustable for an easy, secure screen change in around 2 minutes.

The Screena has a tested throughput of 60 tonnes per hour, with a maximum payload of 250kg via an un-obstructed screening area of 1500mm x 650mm. Load from anything up to a 1-3 tonne digger.

Lastly, after looking at much larger plant machines, we have introduced oscillating mounts, only allowing the Screena to move on one axis. This allows for more efficient screening when compared to spring mounted variants.


The Screena is now available for pre-order!!

Should you have any further questions, please call our team on 01536 206600 for more information.

The Screena – Get Meshed Up!!



Mace Industries were approached to design, manufacture and install a conveyor system that would work in this specific application. The customer needed to lift bumpers up and lower down an inclined conveyor system and have automatic start stop function on the conveyors to aid in accumilation and safety of the system.

Mace Industries initially went to perform a site visit and completed a thorough survey of the job.

There were 4 x units that needed to be installed, each in locations with differing peramiters to consider.

After taking all needed measurements we set to designing the right solution for the application at our factory in Corby. This involved the customer sending us samples of the products that were to be lifted and transported on the conveyors for us to acertain the right working angle for install and keep to all spacial peramiters that presented them selves.

Once we were happy with the designs we sent the drawings and test results back to the customer for approval. We also invited the customer to come and see the test unit in operation so they were happy with it before it went into production and finished.

After a short lead time of just 2 weeks, all units were completed and ready for install. The install took our service team 2 days to complete and give the hand over training as required.


Another great year for us exhibiting at The Executive Hire Show!

The show took place at the Ricoh Arena Coventry, the 2015 event attracted 2,102 hire industry visitors.

It’s always exciting for us to have opportunities to reach out to a wider audience, and our conveyors were a huge hit at this years show, attracting interest from a wide variety of industries.

This was our third year exhibiting for The Executive Hire Show, and we are already looking forward to next years event. The 2016 show dates have been confirmed as Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 February 2016.

Don’t forget to add these dates to your diary and we will look forward to seeing you on our stand in 2016.


Mace Industries continues to expand overseas, our Sales Director Luke Mace has just returned to us from Israel where he spent three days seeing some of our machines in action.

His first day of the trip was spent touring the city of Jerusalem, before heading to an archaeological digging site underneath the very centre of the city, new home to four of our Shifta Conveyors.

Any building work in or around Jerusalem can only be done once archaeological work has been carried out on the site before hand, which is where our Shifta’s are being put to good use.

Luke was delighted to be able to see the positive impact our machines are having on works overseas.

We currently have our Shifta Conveyors at various archaeological digging sites around Israel, including the well known City of David.

Due to their robust nature and reliability, they are perfect for any building site – wherever it may be.

Why not come and see our machines for yourself.


The last 12 months have been very exciting times for us at Mace in terms of growth and expansion, after a year of building work.

We are now proud to announce, that we have extended our workshop, our spares department, and we also have a brand new boardroom which we can’t wait to welcome guests to for meetings and presentations.

As business continues to grow, our premises will continue to expand alongside our ambitions. We are very excited about the expansion of our business and we can’t wait to see what new developments have been made this time next year.

Our workshop is open for tours, so feel free to come and see our team in action as they build the machines that you know and love so well.


We are delighted to have reached our 25th anniversary!

Mace Industries has been established for 25 years now since the first ever “Bumpa” machine was designed by brothers Tony and Richard Mace.

The Bumpa conveyor was designed to provide an easier and more efficient way to load roof tiles onto roofs. Little did we know that 25 years later, the Bumpa is the most popular portable loading machine on the market.

The Bumpa is now only one of the many popular machines now manufactured here, at our now 24000sq. ft. premises.

We could not be happier to celebrate a quarter of a century in business, and we look forward to a prosperous future in the market.

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